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  •  Restaurants
  •  Landscapers/Lawn Care
  •  Auto Repair Shop
  •  Interior Designers
  •  Realty Companies
  •  Contractors
  •  Retail Sales
  • Co-Operatives/Homeowner Association
  • Beauty Salons/Barber Shops
  • Individual Private Homes

The following are samples of some of our clients.  
Bookkeeping should be kept for all companies weather you are self employed, a Limited Liability Company , or a corporation  Everyone does tax returns and all businesses should know where they stand.  Hopefully how much money they are making, or how they can improve to increase that bottom line.
Don't be someone  who scrambles at the end of the year to get everything together.   We have people show-up with boxes of receipts, sales slips, bank statements, and check registers, and we do all the work for them, and then in the future we keep them current